NOA – The Israeli Dairy Herd Management Program
NOA is a comprehensive program for dairy herd management which was developed by the Israeli Cattle Breeders Association (ICBA). NOA addresses all aspects of dairy farming. NOA has been designed to give the herd manager up-dated information regarding all aspects of dairy activity.

Major features of NOA

Herd management – Updating of lactation, production and reproduction events. Cows’ entry, culling and moving between groups within the herd. Veterinary data: input of diagnosis, treatments, medications, etc.
Feeding – Linear programming and ration composition, feed production and TMR planning, stock management and stock reports. Communication with feeding controllers. Complete tracking and monitoring of feed consumption.
Milk production – Milk marketing updating, milk recording and summary reports including lactation summaries. All the Herdbook parameters are available in NOA. Communication with different brands and types of commercial milk-meters (on-line milk data).
Genetic management – Graphical presentation of cows’ and bulls’ data. Mating program. Simple tools to implement breeding program according to particular herd goals.
Additional features – Shared database (network), powerful report generator, PDA application for pocket pc (IPAQ-HP) that includes all cows’ data. More than 40 pre-programmed reports.

NOA coordinates import and export of files to the national Herdbook database, dairy processing plants, central milk laboratory, livestock insurance companies, “Udder Health” laboratory, feed mills, and others.
NOA uses a Windows user interface and is user-friendly, despite its complexity and sophistication. The program was developed by top Israeli dairy herd professionals in order to meet the needs of both small and large dairy enterprises.
NOA was introduced in Israel in April, 2000. Today, more than 450 dairy farms use the program, including 95% percent of all dairy farms with over 250 dairy cows. Each month new dairy farms install the program.
NOA interfaces with all aspects of dairy production control, including milking robots and feeding controllers.
For the first time, comprehensive dairy farm management is possible with a single integrative and user-friendly program. The program is maintained by an ICBA professional team that includes experienced field advisers, phone support for software users and programmers. Communication between the dairy farm computer and the national Herdbook database is carried out via an Internet website maintained by ICBA. Numerous dairy farmers and entities in the dairy industry are connected via the “Dairy Web”, which facilitates two-way interactive exchanges and provides E-mail, a bulletin board and other services.
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