Integrated Computerised Management System

Since ICBA installed its own Computing Center ten years ago, it has practically become the heart and brain of ICBA's activities. Besides routine Herdbook work, data collection from the two affiliated Sion AI centers and use of milk-recording data for the processing of bull proofs, the computing center developed a whole series of highly specialized software. At the same time, a closely knit net of communications has been established, whereby the Israel-Holstein Herdbook's computing center and the two AI centers practically communicate with each other "on line".

Based on and guided by earlier experience, ICBA developed a comprehensive program, intended to serve the Breeders' Association and the Israel-Holstein Herdbook, milk-recording, clinical veterinary services and AI centers, as well as dairy farms at large. The computing center processes and issues monthly reports to farmers, or at shorter intervals if so requested, "in real time" for management decisions. These reports include data regarding production, reproduction, fertility, herd management and respective action lists. Individual Herdbook records for each cow in the herd are issued on completion of her last lactation. Elite cows and prospective bull-dams are selected and registered on the basis of total performance.

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